Recommended Application for Cannabis:

*EM•Probio can be used with all chemical/organic fertilizers and in conjunction with existing nutrient regimes*

Some sediment may appear in bottle and is natural; gently swish concentrate before adding to mix.

Hemp/Cannabis: Add in a 1/2 ounce of concentrated EM•Probio per gallon of warm water (if possible) to reactivate microbes before application – use clean, dechlorinated water only, no RO or distilled water. Use the diluted EM•Probio solution within a short period of time. Only mix what you will use for the next watering – freshest is best. Always ensure the lid is airtight when not in use.

Growers can start applying EM•Probio to their beds 2 to 3 weeks from seedling or immediately with clones. Vegetative Stage: Foliar spray and mist soil twice a week.
FlowerCycle:Mist soil only during weeks 1 to 5.

Storage & Handling:

EM•Probio contains live microorganisms. Always store container in a cool dark place, out of direct sunlight with a tight lid. If available, store container in a fridge to allow the microbes to go dormant when chilled (though never freeze!). The concentrated EM•Probio will last up to 6 months or more with proper storage and handling as outlined above.

Elevate Organics is not responsible for misuse, improper storage, dilution or application