Recommended Application for Plants And General Gardening:

EM•Probio can be used with all chemical/organic fertilizers and in conjunction with existing nutrient regimes*

Add in a 1/2 ounce of concentrated EM•Probio per gallon of warm water (if possible) is best to reactivate microbes before application – use clean rain, well or dechlorinated water only, no RO or distilled water.

EM•Probio can be applied as a soil drench and/or foliar spray typically via a reservoir on a hose end sprayer.

For best results spray weekly throughout the growing season and during the early morning or evening to avoid high UV reaction with the bacteria.

EM•Probio can also be used as a compost accelerator and pre-inoculant. Pretreat organic matter residuals in your compost pile as a soil drench using the application rates as above.

Storage & Handling:

EM•Probio contains live microorganisms. Always store container in a cool dark place, out of direct sunlight with a tight lid. If available, store container in a fridge to allow the microbes to go dormant when chilled (though never freeze!). The concentrated EM•Probio will last up to 6 months or more with proper storage and handling as outlined above.

Elevate Organics is not responsible for misuse, improper storage, dilution or application